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ArchitectMade Oscar Figure

Oscar was designed with the characteristic joy and care in Hans Bølling's mind, and the little dog is a token of fun and playfulness. Oscar's body can be arranged so that he does everything a normal dog would. He can sit, scrawl, stand, beg or even sulk i

ArchitectMade Oscar woondecoratie. Oscar kan zitten, een pootje kan geven of languit kan liggen! #ArchitectMade #woondecoratie #design #Flinders

ARCHITECTMADE 'OSCAR THE DOG' by HANS BØLLING: Design Quest Contemporary Furniture and Accessories

Architectmade Oscar Hund Architectmade - Oscar Hund

Splinter Walnut/Sycamore Bird

Splinter Walnut/Sycamore Bird - Trouva