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This letter tells of frequent thefts from canal barges on the Yorkshire Canal between Yorkshire and Manchester (no date).

Police letter, 11 Nov 1888. From Thomas Gribton suggesting that policemen should dress up as women; attempt to find Jack The Ripper.

Extract from a letter. In this source Meyrick blames the massive unemployment caused by the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815.

This is part of a poster put out by the London and North Western Railway. It gives the names, addresses and offences of 19 people convicted of travelling on the railway without a ticket, 1890.

Offence for which convicted – Simple Larceny – Stealing a pair of boots Sentence – 3 Calender Months Hard Labour

he grey shading shows old buildings, the pink shows building which was new in 1884, increasing the capacity of the prison to 1,000 prisoners.