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#Denmark might look small next to its nabors. But dont forget that both #Greenland and #Faroeislands is still part of the #Danish


He Is In a Whole Different ‘Category’

He Is In a Whole Different �Category� Reminds me of a video I saw with Viking kittens crossing a fjord.

Owning a sword was a matter of high honour. Persons of status might own ornately decorated swords with silver accents and inlays. Most Viking warriors would own a sword as one raid was usually enough to afford a good blade. Most freemen would own a sword with goðar, jarls and sometimes richer freemen owning much more ornately decorated swords. The poor farmers would use an axe or spear instead but after a couple of raids they would then have enough to buy a sword.


Bringing God to the Vikings

In those faraway times when the Scandinavian region spawned bellicose Vikings at a horrifying rate, most of Europe was already adequately christened. Not so Norway, Denmark or Sweden, where the anc…