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Wow, well said! ♡ Not really a fan of Hillary but still not ok. Being told to be reapectful or to give him time... His words and actions have not earned him the right to these things.

History Repeating Itself: Want to guess the very likely outcome of total Republican control again this time? Something similar to previous outcomes would not be desirable, but would be much preferable to the possible starting of World War III!

He doesn't pay his share and then complains about the state of things. WHy do you think he refused to release his returns? Because he's a tax cheat!

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Republicans don't care about people. They only care about the wealth of the few at the expense of the many. Their decisions--and the catastrophic results of such decisions--are proof of this. Vote blue if you want a better future.

Hell Yes! I'm so sick and tired of tis circular logic. "I don't like what you're doing. It goes against my religion. So you must be forced to stop doing it, even though it's not hurting me." But we can't talk about permitting gun ownership, because that's my right. WTF?!