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“Sunset Rhapsody” My Princess and the Frog piece for the Ron & John Tribute Art Show at Gallery Nucleus last night! So many gorgeous limited pieces for sale. There is only one available of this framed piece here! I hope you like this piece as much as...

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Last painting of the night is dedicated to my hubby @extonsydney. Every painting I create I have somebody in mind. My hubby is super chill so I envision us on a beach together, soaking in the sunset. #artrocks #art #rockpainting #paint #handpainted #handmade #beach #sunset

the color thats all i care about form this picture is the natural blending of colors from the yellow of the sun rising up to the oranges and then to the pinks which change to purple and on into the medium blues of the clouds and the clouds fade away into the white sky. -k

Nothing special... just doing some quick picture of AJ. This is more of a monochromatic style, so the colour scheme is pretty boring. Also, might be putting this to scrap. EDIT: Given a bluish over...