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A centaur woman killed by a tiger. A centaur is attacking with a rock the tiger on the left side a leopard watching the scene. Mosaic 118-138 AD, from Hadrian's villa near Tivoli

Alabaster urn from Chiusi with a centaur carrying off a woman. A bearded centaur, wearing an animal skin, holding a tree or branch in his right hand and carrying off a nude woman in his left arm. Below, a patera or rosette. Framed by Ionic columns supporting a rosette frieze above. On the short sides, hippocamps. Chiusi. Late 3rd/early 2nd c. BCE. Alabaster

Mosaic: Pair of Centaurs Fighting Cats of Prey from Hadrian's Villa, c. 130 AD, the tiger has mortally wounded the Centauress, Altes Museum Berlin

Ivory spoon handle depicting a centaur playing the lyre seated on a rock at the base of a tripod, end of 1st century - 2nd century AD, Musée...

Centaur Mosaic discovered near the ancient Roman theater at Orange, France. late 2nd century CE - early 3rd century CE