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Egypt's Mysterious Book of the Faiyum This exhibition on the Egyptian belief system will focus on an exquisitely illustrated Greco–Roman–period papyrus—the Book of the Faiyum—that describes the creation of the universe and depicts the daily journey of the sun god. This will be the first time in more than 150 years that the manuscript, which was divided up for sale in the 19th century, will be reunited.

Stella of painted limestone showing an unidentified couple adoring 'The Cat of the God Re' & 'The Great Cat'. From Dier el-Medina Dyn 19 (via

Sobek, se le representaba con cuerpo humano y cabeza de cocodrilo.Sobre ésta lleva unos cuernos retorcidos de los que salen dos plumas, un disco solar y dos ureos. Al parecer, el Nilo surgió del sudor de Sobek, pues este dios fue su creador. Era llamado "Señor de las aguas". Sobek era adorado para favorecer la fertilidad y la abundancia, y para alejar el peligro de los cocodrilos del Nilo.

Black granite cube statue of the Healer Djedhor, with Herupakhart, or Harpocrates, child deity with the sidelock of youth, mastering snakes, wild animals, and standing on crocodiles, surmounted by the face of Bes. Water poured over the inscriptions, believed to contain strong Heka, collected in a Lake of Horus oval basin at the feet of the statue, was drunk by pilgrims in hope of a healing. Ptolemaic Greek rule, Lagide dynasty. Egypt.

Los majestuosos colosos de Memnon En el agua de las crecidas del Nilo Antes de la inauguración de la alta presa de Aswan en el 1970. Photo : Mahmoud Hassan. Shared by Edith Cruz

Ivory Plaque from the Lid of Coffer, Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun in Garden, Egypt, North Africa

Ivory Plaque from the Lid of Coffer, Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun in Garden, Egypt, North Africa....Robert Harding

Nothing instilled more fear in the tomb raiders of times past, than the possibility of encountering a curse that warned of dire consequences for those that did not heed its warning.  In ancient E