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The Baxter Bean on

(1) OOPS: Rick Perry Reduced Budget On Texas Border Security, Now Blames Obama #GOPocrisy … #auspol #uniteblue

If it's not your body it's not your choice. What is it you are so pro life about? Only a fetus but not the hungry child? Only a fetus but not the dead child from mass murder due to an unstable gun owner? If you are not just as pro life about these unfortunate children then you are not pro life but rather you are pro religion. You have become the religious zealot without reason, blinded to all other concerns but the one that boils in your head.

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Eric Wolfson on

A moron, a failure, & a criminal walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Hello, Governor Walker!" #p2

A field guide to WARMONGERING DRAFT-DODGERS. When war called these REPUBLICANS, they RAN AWAY!! These same Unpatriotic Repukes send our People to War and CUT their BENEFITS!!!!