Not really a quote, but lots of good info here. Resume of a Libra - at Work Understanding a Libra from a work and career perspective. A useful infographic to help understand the core competencies, strengths, focus and communication skills of this sign.

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What do road signs and zodiac signs have in common? Find out with this road sign and horoscope infographic from Nationwide. Provided by Nationwide Insuranc

A fun chart about the zodiac signs and their lucky colors. However, I love all the colors! Do you have favorites?: Zodiac Signs, Books, Favorite Colors, Scorpio, Lucky Colours, Lucky Colors, Capricorn, Zodiac Colors

Zodiac Signs & Their Lucky Colours --- I'm a Scorpio and those are literally my favorite colors

#Cancer Cheat Sheet by #astrology #horoscope I love astrology

Cancer Cheat Sheet - never saw opal as the stone, always ruby, but right on about inner world being quirky and complex

Zodiac chart

So true! Perfect match for Cancer =Pisces/Scorpio. Learn from each other Cancer and Gemini :)

Lol, that is exactly how I react when I'm upset. I just try to zone out by myself.

i'll vouch for libra, aries, and taurus. on point. leo and cancer are hysterically fucking true. pisces gets an honorable mention. unsure of the rest.

Zodiac signs that dont do very well with betrayal.

Zodiac signs that dont do very well with betrayal. ya, this is very true with me. i don't put up with crap