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This ground-breaking series was the first to feature Hispanics as lead characters, but it was the comedic chemistry between the hero and his sidekick that kept audiences tuning in to this popular Western week after week! $15.97

Footlight Parade. Joan Blondell's comedic timing is just brilliant. And her chemistry with James Cagney... I just love it.

Starsky & Hutch (2004)

Starsky & Hutch is how not to do a movie based on 70s action TV series. Unfortunately, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson lacked the chemistry to make this comedy a hit. It's very difficult to take a serious drama series in to a comedy movie, take a look at 21 Jump Street, and this doesn't even come close. The best part of the movie was Snoop Dog as Huggy Bear. "Nuff said.

The Three Stooges. >movies every Sunday at Grandma's house (if we weren't outside running around)

My #1 favorite video of all time that i adore! ❤ ❤ ❤ The Dick Van Dyke Show - Rob and Laura Petrie's Song and Dance Numbers (Duets)

One of my favorite screen pairings in the history of cinema. I think they have wonderful chemistry and play perfectly to each others comedic timing, not to mention that they both are drop dead gorgeous. They made five movies together between 1936-1938, ‘Ladies In Love’ , ‘Love Is News’ , ‘Cafè Metropole’ , ‘Second Honeymoon’ , and ‘Suez’.

After Johnny Eager (Robert Taylor) is released from jail, the unreformed gangster fools his parole officer (Henry O'Neill) into believing his ways are changed. In actuality, Eager wants to return to racketeering by opening a dog-racing track, but the man who put him behind bars (Edward Arnold) is in the way. When that man's stepdaughter (Lana Turner) falls for Eager, the crook uses her as leverage to get what he wants.