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Sociopaths Cannot be cured. They continue to hurt people for eternity.

Narcissistic first impression A Recovery from Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse

This sounds like HER, she needs a constant audience. Maybe a reason why she cannot keep a friend. It's all about her.

Why me? A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors.

Like telling bold faced lies about how involved they are in their children's activities to try to sound like mother of the year, perhaps? Narcissistic/Sociopath liars

Nothing like being bitched at for not wanting to share all the details of situations then when you finally give in to shut them up they eventually use your honesty against you. There is NO time limit on how many years this stuff will be thrown up in your face. Hopefully I can help Ali see any red flags and not to just think they are quirks of the person.

Narcissists Wear Many Masks, I didn't realize this fully until he met his new source... suddenly things he said he disliked or hated became things he was suddenly into or things he used to be into became things he suddenly detested.

The only thing sadder than the willingness of hateful people to drag us down to their level, is our willingness to oblige. - Steve Maraboli Without Empathy