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#Germany was the only #European country sailing relatively smoothly through years of the #Euro #currency crisis.

A campaign against “Israeli Military Tourism” has been launched in the Patagonian region of southern Argentina. The protest escalated and violence was used against Israeli tourists in the district. Demonstrators called the tourists “Israeli soldiers.” The hostel where the Israeli tourists stayed was attacked, forcing the owner to close. He said that the attackers were insulting Jews and accused them of coming to dominate Patagonia. Jewish watchdog groups in Argentina reported an increase in…

India eases scheme to provide housing for all by 2022

Farmers dump their own rice to protest imports from India

Egypt begins controversial demolition of Mubarak's ruling party HQ

A women's soccer match was cancelled in the Indian state of West Bengal after several Muslims residing in the area objected to women playing the sport. The Block Development Officer (BDO) of the region said that the cancellation was necessary in the interest of peace, tranquility and public order. Some Muslims were opposed to the game because they felt it would have an adverse impact on local girls and women. The clergy issued a fatwa against the match. A fatwa is an Islamic legal…

Along the countless new taxes and changes in subsidies, the next fiscal year will bring the #Hungarian #government’s vast expansion