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Malbete (Demon/Beast/Shapeshifter)(Large) – Once normal bears, the Sinlord of Pride bewitched them and turned them into his minions. Malbete now roam the world in search of beauty which they feed on, when they absorbed enough they return to the Sinlord to bless him with more beauty they collected. When killed the Malbete or Troussepoil, turns into a stone statue that still absorbs beauty when looked upon. Everything they drain of beauty will become ugly and without color. (French)

Black Gothic Galleon Ship Fascinator Hat.. $129.00, via Etsy. - I couldn't pull this off, but it's so cool!

Addio Michael Clarke Duncan, il gigante buono de "Il Miglio Verde". "Sono stanco, capo. Stanco di andare sempre in giro solo come un passero nella pioggia.Stanco di non poter mai avere un amico con me che mi dica dove andiamo, da dove veniamo e perché.Sono stanco soprattutto del male che gli uomini fanno a tutti gli altri uomini.Stanco di tutto il dolore che io sento, ascolto nel mondo ogni giorno, ce n'è troppo per me.Lo capisci questo?"

from Mail Online

Flower power: Jessica Alba and Blake Lively cannot outshine Dior's riot of giant blooms

Heavy petal: Full-skirted dresses had layers of with layers of degradé petals and ruffles, making them look like upturned flowers


When he moves my long hair exposing my neck, I...

When he moves my long hair exposing my neck, I know his kisses and bites will be on my neck in a second, awakening my sleeping body. Making me feel waves of passion and desire . He knows too well my neck is my weak spot. I melt into his arms and will become all he wishes for with the next bite. ((TN))

mestersoul: Che tu sia Preda…….. o Cacciatore Due cose Coesisteranno…….Prendere e DonareMasterSoul Tu sei il Dono più grande… Ti serviro’ per meritarTi ogni giorno… Tua