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Jehovah’s Witnesses—Official Website

Lol.....what'd he say? I hate that especially when they have so many good illustrations and I can't write a point before he's saying another one I want to write.

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19 Posts That Show the Awesomenes of the Anime World

Why is it beneficial to talk with the elders? What have you learned from the experiences of elders?

Oh yes! This is the EXACT feeling! COME AT MEH SATAN! HADOUKEN!

When someone steals your comment... JW Funny

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JW humor ...I literally burst out laughing at this one! Hahaha

Can we stop plz!?? I can leave a tract! hahhahahaha I know this feeling haha

I don't usually post JW humor.. but when I do, it's puns about dogs in service.

The look you give when the householder says, yes, I would love a Bible study!