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Mitula Drawing - @NegaTeenWarhead

@NegaTeenWarhead : JadeDaveSprite - my drawing - not my concept

@NegaTeenWarhead - my first undertale doodle

Unfinished magazine drawing: @NegaTeenWarhead

Original Drawing - @NegaTeenWarhead : "Get High"

Welcome to Night Vale Doodle: @NegaTeenWarhead

Wonderland: @NegaTeenWarhead - Unfinished drawing, because, I like it but probably won't finish it.

@NegaTeenWarhead ₩Hat the fuck was I on?

Pony OC doodle: @NegaTeenWarhead ... It's old... I apologise for all alicorn oc's ever... She's a pegasus now, maybe I'll post an updated version.

Vriska Doodle - @NegaTeenWarhead : ...I googled stuff.

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