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This method will help you, “step by step”, develop, understand and control the drum kit. A solid foundation of basic skills is required to make further progress. The focus is therefore on basic skills

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Body Percussion

Mrs. King's Music Room: Body Percussion

it would be awesome if for my birthday he messaged me... just out of the blue to talk.. once in a blue moon that will happen.....

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Top 7 Female Drummers of All Time

Female drummers are almost an oxymoron. Good female drummers definitely are – at least according to top drummers charts scattered around the net. So who are those (as we will refer to them in the future) pioneers of female drumming? Here is a selection of top 7 female drummers, in no particular order.

RIP John Pec - former drummer for David Ball. Who took GREAT pleasure one night a long time ago, after he had a few too many adult beverages, in telling me that he had a Grammy & David didn't. hahahaha, we laughed when I told him that David will always be my very favorite singer!

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Morning coffee (39 photos)

Music is language that is felt, rather than spoken or read. It's universal. -K

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A Beginers Guide to Turntables and Vinyl

My favorite kind of music is a toss up between old rock from the 60's & 70's & underground rap/horrorcore.

Native American Indian Music. I have been searching for a couple of months now for who this artist/band is. All I find is this vid and it's written in a middle eastern language I can't decipher. If anyone knows who this is I would LOVE to find out!

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The Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy Loved this special even though it was traumatizing when it showed his parents being burned alive

Lisztomania is the term used to describe a fan's hysteria when around who or what they are a fan of. It first occurred in the 1800's to fans of Franz Liszt. Just because it's a catchy song doesn't mean it's lyrics deserve a new definition.