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Selling crafts on consignment can help you reach a whole new market outside of your online and craft show customers. The first step is to identify which stores are right for your product and convince the owner that your work belongs on her shop shelves. Here's how to take those crucial first steps to get your product in stores.

5 Steps to Get Your Product On Store Shelves

Focusing your time and resources when trying to get your product to retail is a challenge. Here are five top priorities.

How to make a living as an artist or crafter...great info on craft booths, selling online, and other general business things for creative types

Selling Saturdays: Creating a Craft Sale on Facebook

Don't want to go through all the effort to create to sell your crafts at a craft sale? Here is a way to sell your crafts from home without setting up a website.

From setting up a booth at a craft fair to taking the perfect product shot and launching an online storefront, a guide that transports readers through the ins and outs of starting, running, and maintaining a thriving craft business.