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Third Hand Plier Th Type H Strong Class - Buy Grip Plier Product on

Kinda cool, third hand vice grips. I have some cheapo ones I could try this on. I couldn't brin myself to do it to a genuine set though.

These blocks are like a spare pair of hands for assembling drawers and many kinds of cabinets. Make them out of 3⁄4-in. plywood with dadoes the width of your stock.

Cordless tool storage - I'm getting so many of the ryobi One+ tools, I'll need to make something like this to house them all soon

Ryobi One+ combo kit. I have been thinking I need a Lithium Ion cordless drill for a while. The Nicad one I have was cheap, and the batteries are almost shot. This set is cool, and at only $339, its not to much more than the drill only. The beauty with Li-Ion batteries is the manufacturer has to go to the effort to make a proper charging system, as the batteries tend to explode otherwise. Unlike Nicad, which seem to use a crappy basic charger, which just charges the battey until its…

Metal Art - Heart Hero via Route 44

Doesn't matter how it's walked on, the love I have makes it whole! Girls