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Atheists, leave god alone!!! > Is Idolatry Necessary? > Which god isn't just imagined - Zeus, Yahweh, Jesus or Allah? > Einstein on the Abrahamic idolatries: The worship of false gods such as Yahweh is not only “unworthy but also fatal", with "incalculable harm to human progress." > Every theist on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit...pretty much everywhere. They just can't stand to have their superstition questioned. The cognitive dissonance of it seems to make their heads explode.

That awkward moment when atheists developed the platform you use to talk about how much you hate them.


Was watching Star Trek: DS9 last night when I heard the most religious character on the show drop some common sense. - Imgur

Bill Maher is Just an Asshole A lot of people look at Bill Maher as a smart man and he is. He's been able to create a stable career and that should be applauded. He does a lot of talking on issues that are important to people and you can't go a week without seeing his clips on Twitter Reddit Facebook and anywhere else. He's even become a pillar of the Atheist community. He embodies the white men who believe that if other people are given a fair chance something is being taken from them yet…