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Sandwich Loaf! One of the most ubiquitous and celebrated recipes on Pinterest. Most comments describe it as blue or turquoise. Yet, it's a green horror! With mayonnaise, cream cheese, onions, sour cream, canned salmon, and (of course) olives!

Snow Cap Spread. No, it's not the Pinterest mystery finally revealed as Salmon Party Salad, but it does appear to be a cousin. Beware of any recipe that says "Mound on plate," especially when it involves canned deviled ham and cream cheese. (1960)

As Elaine** would aptly say "it needs more olives", whatever that thing is. **Elaine Sieberg recently made headlines, together with the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, for decoding the deceptive Salmon Party Salad, the most mysterious vintage recipe on Pinterest history.

Be not deceived, Bundt cake lovers. This is not a Bundt cake. It is a sorry layering of canned pineapple slices and cream cheese arranged in a bundt cake pan in an attempt at trickery.

Outrigger Salad! Ah, those times when recipes were so easy and fun! Buy Foremost cottage cheese and splatter a huge blob of it in a plate, slice a banana in two, add pretzel sticks add bits of canned pineapple, et voila! You have an Hawaiian double-hulled canoe!

The monster within. Under the layers of cream and whipped cream hides a green slime ready to jump and eat your face.

MACARONI, THE PASTA THAT NEVER EXISTED. Example n.6: macaroni, ham and cheese. Like bread, crackers never go together with pasta. Never. It's a sin that no Italian would ever forgive.

Is that supposed to be a pig? a cat with an enormous nose? a roast-beef impersonator? All we know for sure is that it's a vintage recipe that comes back over and over with all its horrors unanswered.

DECEIVING FOOD! The title says "Crusty Salmon Shortcake," but we think it's a volcano island, and Grandma believes it's Liberace.