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Sandwich Loaf! One of the most ubiquitous and celebrated recipes on Pinterest. Most comments describe it as blue or turquoise. Yet, it's a green horror! With mayonnaise, cream cheese, onions, sour cream, canned salmon, and (of course) olives!

Guess What Salad. Canned corned beef, mayonnaise, olives (of course!), and hard-boiled eggs in lemon Jell-O. Made on purpose to let you fart wildly for the next 18 hours.

Chicken, canned pineapple, and depression, all kept together by aspic, a big bowl of mayonnaise, and a touch of Valium, cheered up by festive carrot curls.

Be not deceived, Bundt cake lovers. This is not a Bundt cake. It is a sorry layering of canned pineapple slices and cream cheese arranged in a bundt cake pan in an attempt at trickery.

Outrigger Salad! Ah, those times when recipes were so easy and fun! Buy Foremost cottage cheese and splatter a huge blob of it in a plate, slice a banana in two, add pretzel sticks add bits of canned pineapple, et voila! You have an Hawaiian double-hulled canoe!

MACARONI, THE PASTA THAT NEVER EXISTED. Example n.6: macaroni, ham and cheese. Like bread, crackers never go together with pasta. Never. It's a sin that no Italian would ever forgive.

Party Platter Piroska. Vegetable salad with eggs, splattered with a load of caviar mayonnaise. The eggs should wear the mayonnaise like chinchilla hats.

MACARONI, THE PASTA THAT NEVER EXISTED. Example n.1: Franco-American-Macaroni. Franco-American-Macaroni sound as genuine as Swiss-Bolivian-Sushi.