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A Pratt Clay Studio ginkgo leaf vase. Completely hand-created with matte [yellow] glazed leaves and semi-matte white body. Full marked and dated and signed M. Pratt.

Artist creates symbiotic sculptures of ceramic and living moss

Combining ceramics with horticulture, this Brooklyn-based artist makes sculptures that play host to living specimens of moss.

Mark Hearld 12-20 November 2011 - GODFREY & WATT – Harrogate, North Yorkshire - specialising in British art

Erna Aaltonen: The work of Erna Aaltonen (1951) is marked by a supremely elegant conceptual minimalism, combining form, color and surface structure into one continuous whole. The deliberate simplicity of her pieces combined with the deep colours represent for numerous international collectors the quintessence of contemporary Finnish aesthetics. Using coarse...

Bobby Free: Statement My pottery forms are influenced by Chinese and Japanese ceramics. The marks on the pots reflect my interest in 2d art that has a very graphic look, like woodblock prints, ink drawings, & certain genres of animation. By combining my love of pottery dra I'm investigating how these two ways of expression can become one. By leaving a little to the imagination of what I'm actually drawing, I hope over time & through use, my pots, even when finished continue to change.

Mocha Diffusion Bulb vase 1

This glazing method is called mocha diffusion. By combining and acid and a stain over a thick slip. As the acid eats away at the slip it leaves a path for the stain ti seep in. I would like to experiment with and learn how to use this glazing technique.

History of Spode n 1846, William Taylor Copeland acquired the company outright and he and four generations of his descendants controlled the company until 1966. William Taylor Copeland was a classic Victorian Gentleman Industrialist, combining ownership of the factory with a career in politics and public life as an MP & as Lord Mayor of London. Under the Copelands, the factory vied with Minton in making some of the most spectacular ceramics wares of the age. Gifted artists, like C. F…