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Dahlia Fire Pot - Color your world with one of the brightest blooms in the garden, this brilliant semi-dinnerplate dahlia has water lily-like 4 to 6 inch flowers in spectacular shades of pink and yellow. A cut and come again variety that is magnificent in bouquets.

Dahlia Decorative Mix - Big, 4-in. double blooms in an array of vibrant colors. Some even sport bicolor petals!

Exquisite (Zinnia elegans) - A true magician that lives up to its name! A truly unique zinnia! Large, 4-5" blooms burst open a brilliant red, and as new ones appear every day, the older ones transition to a rosy-red then a softer still rose or dusty pink.

Dahlia Caproz Pizzazz Semi-Dinnerplate - Gorgeous fluted petals in tones of deep fuchsia with purple-pinkish tips with a white undertone. 4 to 6 inch blooms.

Dahlia Lady Darlene Dinnerplate - A great ball of fire in the garden, this dahlia has rich yellow-gold petals with red tips and perfect flower form. 8 t 10 inch blooms

Benary's Giant Coral (Zinnia elegans) - Fully double dahlia-like zinnias. The 3-4" flowers are produced in clear, bright uniform colors that really catch the eye.

Dahlia Vancouver - Like a sparkling edge of frost in the heat of summer, the white borders of this dahlia's petals highlight the vibrant fuchsia violet blooms on this 8 to 10 inch dinner plate dahlia.