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Pre-workout Smoothie. 1 banana handful of strawberries, 1/3 cup yogurt, 1/3 cup milk and ice. This smoothie releases energy quickly which enhances your workout. Have it 30-60 minutes before you train #JuliaKelleyHealthyHappens

Want to win $350 of Bulletproof products? Enter the Bulletproof Swag Bag giveaway! (--> clickable link in bio) The swag bag includes: -- Limited-edition Bulletproof Bag -- Exclusive Bulletproof Hat -- Exclusive pre-release sample of Ketoprime -- Bulletproof Coffee Variety Pack (Original Mentalist French Kick) -- One pack of Collagen Protein Bars -- Brain Octane Oil -- Unfair Advantage Best of luck!

A fantastic slow-release protein, perfect as a pre-bedtime drink to prevent catabolism. Low carb, 24 grams of protein, loaded with amino acids, and high in Calcium, it's excellent for building lean muscle. 120 calories per serving (super filling), Even with just water, but certainly with Almond Milk (or similar), it's thick and creamy, tasting deceptively like a chocolate shake. I've seen improvement in my hill runs since taking it.

Protalean Nutrition's Protein Blend GF-1 is a high quality protein blend designed to give a sustained release of protein to the muscles. This Advanced Bodybuilding Supplement provides 36g of protein and just 8g of carbs pre serving making it ideal for lean muscle gain.

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Three essential pre-workout snacks

Belly still rumbling as you head to the gym? Here's what to grab to give your body what it needs, fast - Men's Health

Slow digesting proteins can make a great pre-bed snack. Rule 1 Proteins Casein not only tastes great but will deliver a sustained protein release. Allowing your body to remain fed while you sleep!

While i wait patiently for #proccor to release their new supplements i decided to head over to #vitaminshoppe and try something new. Went with #MuscleElements #precre and #aminoflow to be used as my pre/intra supplements. And as for protein i went with #gasparinutrition #myofusion . Finally a tub of #bodytech glutamine to help with recovery. Lets see how day #1 of the new products go! by jeramychase