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Texas map

Hidden trails and off the beaten path through some of the most interesting counties in Texas.

vintage texas map.  Would like to get this to put in our bedroom with all our other Texas stuff!

had in West Ward expansion was getting the all of states west of Texas including California. They accomplished their dream by going to war against Mexico.

"Be it resolved by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That the Governor be requested to appoint some suitable person or persons to proceed to the Indian tribes for the purpose of ascertaining their present situation and condition, and to take proper measures to prevent any irruption on the frontier settlements." Joint Resolution, Approved 4th May, A.D. 1846, by the First Legislature.

After gaining independence from Spain, Mexico offered Americans grants of land. The mexican government asserting too much control over the Texans caused tensions to rise and later caused violent conflict.

Texas is 791 miles long (just over 268,000 square miles). This map shows how far away 791 miles stretch from our borders.

Texas is 660 miles wide and 790 miles long. The red on this map represents the area that is within 790 miles of Texas. Like they say, everything is bigger (and further away) in Texas.