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from Petsagram

30 Dog Photos That’ll Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry.

In this post you will find 30 images that will make you laugh every single time you see them. Or at least this is the effect they have on us. Seriously, can you scroll down this entire page without even smiling?

He rises <<< this makes me so happy. I don't think you understand's especially frustrating when the traffic control dude in the orange vest sets his walkie-talkie down next to the sign so he can walk over to rifle through his igloo lunch box!

from The Huffington Post

The 5 Things We Must Never Forget to Do

This makes me so happy, just seeing these sweet innocent children smiling, smiling because they are happy. Happy because they have nothing. It's so easy to look at our lives and compare but really people have it way worse than we do. Why can't we be like these children and just smile? They are happy, even when times are so hard, even when they have no home or no food to eat every night. Wow, this really means something. We can all try harder to be a little better and be a little more…

from Playbuzz

Which Villain Is Actually Your Evil Twin?

I wonder if he wants to make sure it's a fair fight, like "Okay, Harry, I *have* to killl you, but I at least want you to feel like you faught back well. So finish your lessons and meet me after. Hugs and kisses, Voldie"

And then you glance around and to your relief, no one is around. Or to your utmost horror, there's that one. person. staring at you. #totallyhypothetical

(open rp someone be the human kid any gender ) I followed him/her around most of the time because one day I caught a soccer ball that was coming towards the kid. some kids at the school ask he/her to make things float and I do it. I only wish someone could see me or at least him/her. Today a girl asked if him/her could make her pencils float so I juggled them in the air for her.

One of my male coworkers asked me why I was taking my purse to the bathroom. My boss, also male, looked at him in horror and said "shut up just let her go". It was awesome