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Anna 🌻 19 🌻 Vegan 🌻 The Netherlands Despite-or thanks to-everything I am in love with life. Gratitude is key. 🙏 I'm a dreamer, a writer, a reader, a drummer, a peacemaker, a cat mom, an INFJ, a Christian and the gay cousin. 💕

They say that ...when you find yourself, try to become a better person all your wrong friends ...well, they will be gone. God will not work on you, get you better and heal and keep bad friends that influence you the wrong way. that is not going to happen.

Grandma Grace, Our light. As startling as the power of electricity. Grace always shocks. Grace always stuns. And Grace is always what we need. It’s there for everyone groping around in the dark: *Turn toward Grace -- & you always turn on all the lights.*