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Aphrodite agenouillée dans une coquille. Vers 300-275 av J.-C. Figurine. 3e siècle av J.-C., période hellénistique (323-31 av J.-C.) (Grèce). Paris, musée du Louvre

Statuette of Erato seated, from Myrina, Turkey (stone). Greek (1st century BC) / Louvre, Paris, France / Giraudon / The Bridgeman Art Library

Three Tyches - Louvre - Tyche (Greek: luck) is the Greek goddess of chance or fortune. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Fortuna. Read more

Three Graces Louvre : Roman copy of the Imperial Era (2nd century AD?) after a Hellenistic original. Restored for a large part in 1609 by Nicolas Cordier (1565-1612) for Cardinal Borghese.