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The sword, scabbard and decorations are self-explanatory, but look at the bottom left of this picture: these are shoe buckles. Above are the smaller buckles that tied the breeches just under the knee. And note the set of diamond buttons, smaller (left) for the waistcoat and larger (center right) for the coat.

The Best Damn French Dip Sandwich On Earth

This is the best damn French Dip Sandwich on Earth!! The french dip, in my opinion, is the crowning jewel of sandwiches. The savory roast beef, the mild cheese, with the perfect bakery fresh bun conquers the tastebuds. And don’t forget the au jus for dipping!

The #diamond necklace, part of the French crown jewels was collier aux quartre rivieres, a four-strand diamond necklace which originally had two large shoulder bows. Set with 222 diamonds weighing a total of 363 carats.

The Angouleme Emerald Tiara worn by Marie Antoinette and made by Evrard and Frederic Bapst for the French crown jewels in 1820. There are 1031 diamonds and 40 emeralds in the setting. When sold in 1887, an observer remarked that anyone who had not seen it 'does not know what an emerald is, the green stones alternate with the brilliants in such a manner that there is an interplay of coloured light, the effect of which is magical.'

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This gold and turquoise tiara and necklace, c.1825, illustrates the stylistic transition of the 1820s, incorporating the palmettes and meanders that had remained in vogue after the French Empire, enmeshed with vine branches that announced the naturalism of the Romantic style.