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good enough to keep voting for all the handouts instead of standing up & being responsible for yourself, get your lazy butts out & find a job, there are plenty out there!

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Free, Workplace Ecard: Yelling at the receptionist is no more successful than hi-jacking a plane at the ticket counter. you aren't going to get anywhere


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I'm not the cat lady type. I'm more like an actual cat. I want affection when I want it and on my terms.The rest of the time I want to claw out your eyes and piss in your shoe.

Funny Confession Ecard: Im not the cat lady type. Im more like an actual cat.The rest of the time I want to claw out your eyes and piss in your shoe.

Medicaid? No problem!

"The welfare state in not really about the welfare of the masses. It is about the egos of the elites.

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foodstamps - This is a sore spot for me! If I had foodstamps, I could afford lots of nicer things. The poor are better off than the working middle class - SAD