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Hey guys! Sorry this isn't art but I just need to say thank u :) thank u all for ur support and encouraging comments! They make my day and inspire me to practice more!!! I don't think I would've kept drawing if I didn't join this board :) it just feels nice to know that someone (other than my family XD) likes my art and wants to see more of it. So thank you u3u

this is my finished version of skye, which is both me and my pokemon avatar!! thats my current outfit as well, though i did miss a detail or two, ahahaha uwu. i don't particularly care though~

@Amber Mohr @Jamilet Manzano @Mikaela I did all the requests and drew a cronus because i love cronus!!!

Nikolai who i dont think i've posted a pic of. hes a drama geek with a hella good voice. loves musicals a ton and wants to be a professional broadway actor.

Contest winners!! ( @IMRIDINATACO @sparklingkeys @BeansArentSoup @cyanidedaisy @pakapanpanpan )AAaaH CONGRATS !! :0 I'll post the shoutouts in a little bit (>^,^)>

@C-tina San Nic i just emailed this to you but i wanted to post it too whoops. anywho, for the rest of you butts, here is finished product!

I haven't posted any art in the past three days 'cause I got kinda busy... Anyway, Nico di Angelo in winter clothes requested by @cloudandalora... Sweaters+PJ characters= a happy me. By @rohinicupcake