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Best dog in the world. Hannah.  Husky heeler cross. ARF Calgary rescue

Best dog in the world.

Hero Mom - This just makes you say, "Awwww...." (sniff....)

Hero Mom

mommy dog saves all her puppies from a house fire, and puts them to safety in one of the firetrucks. SO CUTE!

<b>If you "awww" EVEN ONCE, you lose.</b> Are you up to this challenge? It will not be easy, but it's important. OK, ready?


Funny pictures about Would you just shut up? Oh, and cool pics about Would you just shut up? Also, Would you just shut up?

Φωτογραφίες τοίχου

Monkey saving a puppy? Or Monkey stuffing a puppy away for food in case things get bad? I'm going to try to believe Monkey saving puppy.

Adopt - Don't shop!

3 Million healthy and adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year spay - neuter - adopt - be part of the solution. This is just an unacceptable number. People need to be educated about this and about adopting instead of

peek-a-boo! Tiny mouse I see you! Mice are really cute, just not in my house!

China's Dog Meat Festival Is NEXT WEEK (June 21st) - Will You Join The Voices Calling Out Against It?

Cruel: An investigation fround one of China's bloodiest 'meat festivals' - where thousands of stolen cats and dogs are slaughtered - will still go ahead in the city of Yulin (pictured) even though the local government 'banned' it

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35 Dogs That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better - This bulldog who refuses to go out in the rain without his fab raincoat!