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Shirodhara Therapy: a gentle stream of warm herbal blend oils on the forehead calm and nourish the nervous system and open the vital energy channels in the head. This important energy flow point is known as the 6th chakra. The oils used are made with herbs that pacify the doshas and are custom to your individual needs.

Ayurveda back massage with Othada - herbs An Indian massage of the back where the therapist first focuses on meridians running along the spine and then begins the massage with hot oils. Most frequently oil Pitta is used for this purpose as it relieves pain and decreases the level of lactic acid in muscles. This is followed by a massage of the whole back using warm bundles of herbs – Othadam.

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Ayurvedic Oils That Unlock The Body's Natural Healing Ability

Ayurveda teaches that everything that enters your body is woven into your cells…