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Bast- Woman in scarlet flanked by two seated black basts

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Egyptian Themed Decorative Figurines Egyptian God and Goddess Figurines!

Worship of Bast - also known as Bastet or Thet - began almost three thousand years ago during the 2nd dynasty of ancient Egypt.

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The Divine Cat The nature of a cat is alive and waiting it’s hour in every woman. In each woman there is an archetype of the ancient Egyptian goddess Bast; goddess Sekhmet. Spirit of Bast

* * FACTOID: In Eygptian mythology the sun god Ra took the form of a cat every night to fight the evil serpent, Apopis. Solar eclipses marked the occasions when Ra was defeated by Apopis; but bounced back.

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Ancient Egyptian Art Print Goddess Bastet


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Egyptian Abysinnian Cat with Headdress Print of Original Painting

Bastet. "In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have not forgotten.", los gatos eran considerados Dioses , ellos no lo olvidan.