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#15daystoDDG: The 6 best makeup tricks you need to master (day 12)

Worth a shot.. First, gently dab a light concealer over your lips. This will ensure that color lasts all night. Next, apply a nude liner around the edges of your mouth to prevent smudging. Finally, swipe on your favorite fuschia hue


Tinted Lip Conditioner

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AstroLilac - Golden/Lilac Lip gloss

AstroLilac Golden/Lilac Lip gloss by FierceMagenta on Etsy, $6.95

Congratulations to our top 5 favorites from the Summer Fashion 2014 board!! Be sure to like us on Facebook here to see the article: Congrats!! @Emma Zangs Orth @merinajoshi @Katie Hrubec Dombrosky @Brigid Barjaktarevic Elizabeth Anne @Bailey Francine Kee're probably expecting a deep, thought out description that explains "me" in a way that would twist your mind....but you're not going to get it. i'm a pretty weird girl. Nothing really normal about me. Just going with the flow, and


The Best Lip Gloss You'll Find at the Drugstore Is...

The Best Lip Gloss You’ll Find at the Drugstore Is…

Lipgloss- i seriously love everything about this picture. The colour, her teeth, i dont know. I just, really like it.

"When this ice cube melts, I’m going to make love to you so slow, everyone in this hotel is going to know my name. It won’t be play. It’s going to be dead serious." ~C.D. Reiss <3