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33 Beautiful But Scary Abandoned Places In The World

33 Nara Dreamland in Japan 620x930 33 Beautiful But Scary Abandoned Places In The World. 2spooky4u haha xD i would love to visit this place

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34 Forgotten Homes Sitting Peacefully Alone In The World

tired old house and they are dying because people can't afford to maintain them, or pay the taxes on them. And there is not enough money from historic preservation groups to help those of us who would love to restore them.

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Community Post: ~30 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World~

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These Abandoned Places Around the World are Coming Straight From Your Nightmares

An abandoned castle....Just beautiful .Not sure where this is .France or England?No caption description came with the photo, but too beautiful not to share with you. But it's bothering me. If anyone knows where this is and what castle, please tell me. Ty.

The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine - 15 of the World's Most Strange Abandoned Places | Incredible Pictures