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You should expect people to respect you back, though. Just don't expect them to be your best friend if you care about them. Let things unfold naturally. Let them invite you into their lives in their own time and comfort level.

Learning to be who you are with no apology may not always please others... do it anyway!

My name is Rome, I love pastel colours, vintage victorian flowers, rainbow, cupcakes,girly stuffs, quotes,autumn, nature, beach, photography, books and above all I love GOD and LIFE. “This life is...

You and your family never gave me a chance...they judged me before they met me and you were never intimate, couldn't be trusted to keep a secret, stabbed me in the back everytime you got a chance and let other do it to me, and lied, lied, and lied.

Maybe I should print this out on little business cards, ready to hand out to all those people who keep going on and on about politics, religion, whether the TP roll should feed from the top or the bottom, etc.. A pack of 1000 might be a good start!

~when you've had enough. *

People are not beautiful all the time. We all have faults, we all make mistakes. But when you smile to someones face and then speak of ill of them when they are not around or others are not looking, this only fairs badly in the end on you. Be genuine.