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Rượu Nếp Than

◭ Penchant for Pottery ◮ Roseville

Roseville Pottery Wisteria Vase #638-9”, Blue, Circa 1933

Roseville's lovely “Wisteria”, a middle period line introduced in 1933 under Frank Ferrell's direction, is another of the rustic lines (Dahlrose,

Ceramic Cookie Jar - Lavender

Roseville Pottery Freesia Cookie Jar (1940s)

McCoy Potteries and American Bisque of Williamstown West Virginia, Red Wing, Regal China, Brush, California Originals, Metlox, Hall, Abingdon, Treasure Craft, Doranne of California, Robinson-Ransbottom, Hull,Twin Winton and Shawnee Pottery.

Roseville Pottery Magnolia Green Cookie Jar.

Roseville Pottery Rosecraft Panel Brown Vase from Just Art Pottery

Roseville Pottery - Experimental - Daffodils

Roseville Pottery - Experimental - #AAPA - #larkspur