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awesome Kat) Sorta had the best one month anniversary with Avan ever.....

Kat) Sorta had the best one month anniversary with Avan ever


Don't like her pierceing but love her hair color and scene/emo hair is like my favourite

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wanna give your hair a new look ? Emo hairstyle is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Emo hairstyle, Find the best one for you,

(Fc:: Lefabulouskilljoy) Hey! I am Saige. I am 18 years old. I'm pretty shy and insecure, but I will hurt you if you hurt me or my friends. I like to read and write. I sometimes draw to pass time. I kinda famous on Instagram. I am here if you need me. Intro?

-doesn't know how I feel about this pic cuz my face looks weird and I might delete it later cuz I'll get too self conscious so I'm posting while I still have the confidence-

I love her hair so much

Echo is my older brother. i don't really talk to anyone but him. I'm single and pansexual. I'm a huge fangirl and I spend most of my time writing fanfiction and reading fanfiction.

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i am going to dye my hair blue.

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