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Remember this feeling? Like you could touch the sky?

OMG I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN A LOWES EVER AGAIN!!!! Please Sign: Lowe's Lawn & Garden department in Lowell, MA, is KILLING BIRDS THAT FLY INTO THE GARDEN AREA with industrial-strength Glue Trap.


Spring European Interior Trends 2016.

About Bethany ° Appalachian Mountains ° 21 INFJ ° Scorpio ° Wandering Soul° Coffee Enthusiast ° Collector of Quotes and Riddles ° Star Gazer and Nature Lover Will occasionally post NSFW content. Worry not. It will be tagged.

Iowa is home to some unique attractions - but how many are the biggest, smallest, tallest and crookedest of their kind? More than you think! Visit all of these locations to go on your own hunt for world records.

Onyx ~ Red Fox - Silver Phase (Vulpes vulpes) Silverthorne - Colorado by Nate Zeman.*

He ain't nothin' but an ape and he's callin' me a monkey. Some things never change.