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The add on Atari 2600 module.

Atari 2600 catalogue page.

COLECOVISION EXPANSION MODULE #1: Try to imagine, Gamer of Today, what would happen if Microsoft put out a peripheral for the Xbox 360 that allowed it to play Wii games, without Nintendo's participation or permission. Bombshell, right? This add-on for the ColecoVision allowed it to play Atari 2600 games (there was, in fact, an entire stripped-down Atari 2600 clone console in there). Once this hit the market, it was a pretty easy choice as to which console we were buying.

super breakout atari favorite atari game!!

Colecovision gave new possibilities to gamers eager to leap beyond the 2600

ColecoVision console. Before I had Atari, I had this with Tron and Smurfs!

We didn't have Atari, we had a Texas Instrument TI 99/4A...I played Munch Man and learning games like Number Magic.

▶ ColecoVision vs Atari | 1983 | TV-Commercial - YouTube

ColecoVision Personal Computer Expansion Module

progress and shrinking technology

candy from the 70's | Here's my early 70's version: