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PaulandStella self-heating baby bottle has a built in temperature screen showing when the milk is a the correct temperature. Fantastic!

$8.50-$19.99 Baby Baby Chef It's Just Right Digital Thermometer - Too hot? Too cold? With the Baby Chef It's Just Right Digital Thermometer by Kidsline, you never have to second-guess what temperature your baby's food or formula is. The stainless steel temperature probe fits directly into short or tall feeding bottles for accurate readings. Within seconds, the large readout screen lets you know ...


30 Incredible Baby Gadgets

Temperature-Sensitive Baby Bottles Thermochromic Ink is Green When Milk is Warm, Red When It's Hot

Warmer Mebby LCD Home Car € 29 instead of € 35! It has an LCD screen that allows you to select the desired temperature, and through the timer button to control the heating time. It can be used with all types of bottles. Featuring container port jelly and car adapter, a valuable help to get the baby food always hot.

Time out bottle.Parenting aid.All you need to make is a bottle without ridges, clear gel glue, fine glitter, super glue, optional sparkly confetti.Fill the bottle up 4/5 of the way with room temperature water.Add some clear gel glue and the glitter. Shake like there is no tomorrow. If the glitter takes too long to settle, add more water. If it settles too quickly, add more glue.Add the confetti.Once you’re done, super glue the cap on (the last thing you want is for your kid to unscrew the…

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Really? To Lower Your Risk of Diabetes, Eat Breakfast

"... studies have also found a link between skipping breakfast and greater risk of Type 2 diabetes. ... some scientists suspect that a morning meal helps stabilize blood sugar through the day. Some studies show that consuming a larger proportion of your calories later in the day, especially carbohydrates, has a detrimental impact on blood sugar and insulin levels."

4moms Oragami Stroller- it opens and closes with the press of a button! I know a mom who would love this! It comes in pink, blue, green, silver, red, black.

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Messy Outlets, Doorway Umbrellas, and Home Screen Organization

Before bed, fill coffee carafe with warm water & pre-measure powdered baby formula into bottles and leave them next to the carafe in the baby's room. When baby wakes up in the night, use the carafe to fill a pre-powdered bottle with warm water (about 3 pumps), cap and shake for a second, and give to baby. Your baby goes from crying to content in under 15 seconds without you making trips to the kitchen, using the stove or microwave, or measuring formula scoops while half awake.