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Death - Scream Bloody Gore. (Released: 5/25/87) [Genre: Death Metal]

An incredible old school death metal album from the band Obituary. My second favorite death metal band, following Death.

Eagles of Death Metal (Featuring QOTSA's Josh Homme) Share "Complexity", Amazing Artwork

Death - Leprosy (Released: 11/16/88) [Genre: Death Metal]

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Poster by Eyal Eliezer psychedelic rock art gig show concert poster

Death - what an influential band, great technical death metal

heavy metal metalhead memes | Black Metal Vs. Death Metal by ~ HeavyMetalArtwork

Top 20 Most Outrageous Heavy Metal Album Covers

Heavy metal bands have always relied on their album covers. Most metal bands wouldn’t have been half as popular if it wasn’t for their ridiculously awesome album art. But how did it go so