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Its like that story where a brother and a sister were both homosexuals but their parents didnt know and were homophobes so they pretended to date the boyfriend/girlfriend of the other so that at night the parents would make the two girls sleep together and the two boys too

Couldn't find two sites which had the same figures on repealing Obamacare, but both were stupid expensive. The thing with Arnold is just stupid. McConnell simply needs to go away. Cruz and co. ARE threatening to cut embassy security by 50% if Trump doesn't move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. And YES, the US TAXPAYERS are going to build the wall, but Trump assured us that Mexico will pay us back.

"When my wife and I got married, we mixed both of our last names together to form a new name. Rather than her changing her name, we both changed them! It symbolizes the unity of our two families"

Artist: Lena || Inunekosukii on Twitter - Permission to repost was granted by the artist -

Okay, I just want to know which of those two is supposed to be saying this?


Mid East prophecy update. Published on Jan 8, 2017 Pastor J.D. talks about what may very well be the two biggest prophetic triggers in 2017 both of which have Israel, namely, Jerusalem, as the bull’s eye at the center of the target.

Looks like a two Kimber Tuesday to start the year. The Micro 9 is dwarfed by the Kimber Classic .45. Read more about the Mini-1911 Micro 9 in the February 2017 issue of GUNS Magazine by following our profile link. ---------- #gunsmagazine #guns #gunstagra