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French-Corsican Model Richard Deiss male model about face 2016 More

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16 Stunning Photos That Shatter Society’s Stereotypes About Asian Men - Mic - I've always found Asian men hot, I didn't know I was in the minority...

Jean Shrimpton in an advertisement for Yardley 'Lip Slickers', 1960's -we all wanted to be models because of her and Twiggy...

Happy #HunkDay! This week is a free-for-all, no rules, no themes, just a slew of hot, hunky men coming your way! Enjoy!

(Tom Webb) hey! I'm lee I'm a kid of Poseidon and was blessed by Aphrodite I have all the powers of a strong Poseidon kid and a average Aphrodite child if you ever wanna catch me I'm in the water or doing something bad rules are dandy and all but there not for me I'm super adventurous and a small rebel I don't like rules talking about my past or talking to people first so if you see me say hi just know I won't and it's not only cause I'm mute I'm just shy come tell me hello((he's gay Btw))