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Sikandar kills dragon - Sikandar reaches the Land of the Narmpay, how he fights and is victorious, how he kills a Dragon, ascends a Mountain, and is forewarned of his own Death

'Saz'-style Drawing of a Dragon amid Foliage by Shah Quli (active 1520-66) ca. 1540-50 Turkey, Istanbul Ink, opaque watercolor,and gold on paper

The tradition of drawings of dragons derived from Chinese art took a root in Iran under Timurid and Turkman rule during the fifteenth century. Dragons were a popular subject for drawings in Ottoman Empire executed in the so-called saz style, named for the saz qalami, or reed pen. Drawing attributed to Shah Quli, a Persian who became a leading painter at the court of the Ottoman sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (r. 1520–66).

For me there is always something of pushing. Pushing on air, pushing with my thoughts. I find that the trick to flying is to trick myself; I must believe that there is some firmness in the air just beneath me. But even in dreams I am a skeptic.