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MO Dem Leader Promises $15 Minimum Wage Across State - Damn the Conseque...

UPDATE: Donald Trump Invites 11 Year-Old Donny to Debate after Cutest Letter Ever Jim Hoft Oct 8th, 2016

WHAT MEDIA BIAS? USA Today Headline Asks: “If Donald Trump Wins, What Country Would You Flee to?” Jim Hoft Sep 16th, 2015

StL Hillary Supporters to Hang and Beat 15 foot Trump Piñata after Sunday Debate Jim Hoft Oct 9th, 2016

from Etsy

Forgotten - Paper Print of an Original Painting of an Old Antique Truck by Cari Humphry

Forgotten Print of an Original Painting of an by ArtPaperGarden, $15.00

Donald Trump Jr: I’m Honored Obama Plagiarized a Line from My Speech – Where’s the Outrage? (VIDEO) Jim Hoft Jul 28th, 2016

DNC Leaks Email: Hillary Clinton Took Credit for the Arab Spring Sh*tShow Jim Hoft Sep 15th, 2016

Matt Drudge: Media Can’t Report on Wikileaks Podesta Emails Cuz They’re All in Bed with Hillary Jim Hoft Oct 15th, 2016

Michelle Obama Very Upset With Trump’s Words But OK With Obama Flashing a Boner to Reporters? Jim Hoft Oct 15th, 2016

Breaking: ISIS Releases Last Video of Paris Attackers Before Mass Slaughter Jim Hoft Jan 24th, 2016