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Hey guys! I feel like my account is filled with my "splash" technique😛 hope you guys are not getting sick of it! Hope you like this piece though! Anyway if you would like to see the progress video for this drawing checkout my last post! 🙂 Thank you guys for all the love and support, have an amazing day💖

Still a TON of work to do and stuff to fix, but the first sketch for my Mucha Inspired Inner Circle piece is done! :) (just to clarify, no it’s not part of the colouring book - just personal!)

Rowan, at last! So many of you asked for a picture of him I lost count. I honestly had so much fun working on his face.

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*FREE!* Here is a great way to encourage and reward readers. Over the summer I actually participated in an adult book bingo sponsored by my local city library. It was a lot of fun and really did push me to try some books that I wouldn't have otherwise. I was also really excited to finish up a complete bingo line and get a chance to win a drawing. Now it's your turn to bring that same excitement to your students! Enjoy!

Rowaelin for @a-court-of-chronicles!! She made me a lovely Elorcan fanfic here! Thank you so much again! :,) lowkey made this match my feysand drawing for her as well LOL ALSO some people were interested in stickers of this, so I made a RedBubble so...

Some of my favorite engagement ring designs from the past several weeks …

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hugely inspired by @projectnelm‘s Manorian drawing! But this was a lot of fun!

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Rowan by Coralie Jubénot on Twitter