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The words -- so simple, yet dripping with heavy meaning -- weigh on the tongues and hearts of those forced to suppress it for even a second.

Saying 'I Love You': The Psychology Behind Those Three Little Words

I nearly never pin pins that exhibit these intimate times between husband and wife, but this picture only gives you the impression not the image, and it is such a precious impression.


What we all want in life, to travel, fall in love, and be happy.and if any of those fail to happen the other two should make up for it until it arrives ;

People who know my heart never have to question it.

People who know my heart would NEVER question it.and my heart will know to question yours

True! Before you lose your mind u have a voice in my head You say. Help!!!!! And I am not sure if it halos. But you start hyper ventillating and give me a stern face for a younger class man. I say. You have to trust me Its the titanic backwards OK???   And you do and we bounce.  Bodies limp bloody bags of nothing on the floor.  There's the real gore.

Every day is better when you're dancing. Daily videos of people dancing to House Music. Tutorials on House Dancing, too.

O amor fica à vontade e fica somente por vontade.

O amor fica à vontade e fica somente por vontade.