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I know most girls can relate to this for their looks but for me it's their voices I'm always fluctuating (is that a word?) (or did I just make it up?) between who's voice I like the best.

I am posting this because I have something to say about this the Beatles were a boyband but they played instruments did not dance on stage Think about it

5 seconds of summer ladies and gents<<<< lol remember on Spongebob, Spongebob said "why you mad??" To Patrick and than Patrick said "I can't see my forehead" xP ......sorry I had to...

You guys MUST follow Alexandria Hohmann. Not only is she really friendly, but she has amazing boards. If you don't follow her then you're missing out on a lot!! ♥♥♥

Literally every time some one says 5 seconds I say really loudly OF SUMMER it's true ask anyone who knows me