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the best. - mamebig

For all the people who didn't get to meet them today at VidCon, (like me, sniff) Dan and Phil made this picture so you could Photoshop yourself in and pretend you did :)

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I love him more for the fact that it says Wildcat on it and it's number 14... I'm a high school musical child :3

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The 24 Most WTF Moments From The BRIT Awards

Dan Howell and Harry Styles came dressed in the same outfit to the BRIT awards

I like how Dan is so done with everyone, but then Phil is just acting cute as fuck. Also, Some part of me thinks that Dan had to look away from Phil to keep from kissing him and that is adorable.

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i listen to them on BBC radio 1 all the time and my dad thinks im crazy! hes like wth who are they? im like PERFECTION

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“mfw i realise your cringeworthy past on the internet will always haunt you